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Our Program

Riding Lessons:

Foxtail Farm offers both Dressage and Jumping lessons. Additionally, both Private and Group lessons are available every weekday. Our lesson program is open to riders of all levels and ages and allows for each lesson to be specifically tailored to every rider's individual needs.

Barn Lessons:

At Foxtail Farm, a rider's education is  not limited to just riding. On days when the weather is not appropriate for riding, we take the time to teach our students about their equipment, equine anatomy, how to handle various equine emergencies, and so much more.


We attend schooling and rated dressage shows and schooling hunter/jumper shows. Students who wish to show must own their own horse, half lease one of our horses, or lease one of our horses for the day everyday while at the horse show. Additionally, all students who show must attend at least 2 lessons a week.


Foxtail Farm provides training for horses of all ages and levels. Whether your horse is exhibiting behavioral issues, is green and needing some productive miles, or simply needs a tune up, we are happy to help.

Our Atmosphere:

Foxtail Farm offers a family friendly community that allows riders of all ages and levels to grow. We strive to maintain a safe and highly educational environment for all. 

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